Psalm 1 I like it when life balanced and I’m in control. I work really hard to keep it like that, not because I am a control freak, but because life is good when it is like that.

How quickly this changes on us. Like a sudden storm that blows in. Life’s issues can become very overwhelming.

When I turn to see if you’re there, I surprised to see that you’re right behind me, but I guess I haven’t really been looking for you. I do get confused though, why you let all these things happen, this way, all at once.

Do what I can’t do. Don’t give up. When I drop the ball, don’t you drop the ball. I’m gonna let it go and trust.

Psalm 2 For the Lord our God is with us. Or so I tell myself. Painful cycles of complacency, crazy turmoil, questions more questions.

Why do I have to go through this? How do you explain this to me? Life is like a roller-coaster.

Ah, this is about you! You’re courageous. You never give up on us.

Walk with us through the roller coaster of life. Affirm Your love to us. Give us peace with the unknown. Love us. Thank you for being with us in the rough times and the good times. For the Lord our God is with us.

Psalm 3 I stood in the desert. I was parched, I was thirsty.

Surrounded by others, as dry as each other. We had settled by an Oasis that had since dried up.

The thirst told me that water was out there over the horizon.

Some of us left. I followed, convinced. Searching for something better, something more.

We met many along the way. Some sceptics, scoffers, some full of hope. Each of us had a different story, but a common path.

After waiting and waiting holding each other up. We have tasted the dew on the ground, seen green on the horizon.

Together we walk. Together we walk.

Psalm 4 Sometimes we limit ourselves. Dream big with eyes open, asking not could I achieve XYZ, but asking why couldn’t I. I must rely on you LORD.

I am overwhelmed with Joy, blessed to be where I am, blessed to be where I am going, excited for what is to come. LORD help me not to limit you by the site of my dreams, or the quantity of my courage.

Help me see tomorrow as you see tomorrow. Open my eyes to your potential in me, asking myself, not could I achieve, but asking why couldn’t I.