Our weekly Sunday gatherings rotate between our all-age gathering and evening gathering at the Brooklyn Anglican building, 96 Washington Ave. Each gathering emphasises a different aspect of our community.


Join in our All-Age Gathering from 4-6PM to share expressions of our faith and a shared meal. The gathering has two distinct moments – joyful worship and a meal together. We seek to pursue ways for our whole community, including our children, to experience God and community together.

The gathering aims to engage and inspire others and ourselves to the practice of pursuing God in community. It is a connecting place, a hub, that keeps the Mosaic tribe connected to each other and the common vision.

what you can expect

Our worship environment is simple, at the intersection of the casual and the sacred. Our style is acoustic. Through Godly Play inspired story we create a space for both children and adults to engage with God. We finish with a shared meal (potluck).

A first point of connection with our community if you are curious about who we are and what we do

A place that calls us to practice where we focus on living in a way that deepens our following of Jesus

A place of creative expression where people can discover their gifts serving the community

All-age worship that is Jesus-centred and child-friendly

where & when 

Mosaic All-Age Gathering meets at 4PM, Brooklyn Anglican building, 96 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn.

Check the calendar for All-Age Gathering details.

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