In June 2020 Mosaic community began observing a sabbatical season through to December which will create a different rhythm and some changes to how we gather on Sundays.

how we gather

We offer a warm welcome to people of all backgrounds, ages and walks of life. Events will alternate between:

  • Community lunches on Sundays (where adults and children connect over a shared meal)
  • Cell groups (Brooklyn/Mondays, Ngaio/Wednesdays, Lyall Bay/Sundays)
  • Evening gatherings on Sundays (adult-focused, formative moments)

Details are on our calendar and roadmap

why we gather

We gather to remember, celebrate, wonder, deepen, and share.

We remember the goodness of God, the gifts we have received, and the life we share. We celebrate the goodness of God, life, and each other. We engage with the mystery of God by wondering together. We deepen our relationships and share our experience (the heavy and the light). We hope to leave inspired to continue to pursue Jesus and his way during our week; as we work, parent, relate, and rest.

what you can expect

We want you to feel at home among us. Our meetings are relaxed and informal, feel free to dress in anything you feel comfortable in.

We follow a simple liturgy. We sing together. We share stories that matter to us. We pray together. We eat together. These components vary each week depending on the particular event.

where & when 

During our sabbatical season we will be meeting in our homes:

  • Community lunches and Cells in Brooklyn, Ngaio and Lyall Bay
  • Evening gatherings in Brooklyn

Check the calendar and roadmap for gathering details.

To find out more about Mosaic Community read about us

have a question? want to get in contact?

See the contact page for how to get in touch