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Mosaic Summit

Re-imagining Mosaic
A rethink of what it means to be a faith community on mission

What are you dreaming for in a faith community?
The Mosaic community is setting aside a weekend to re-imagine what it means to be us; we’re calling this weekend the Capital Mosaic Summit.

13 – 15 March 2015
Note: the date has changed to ensure more people can take part.


Te Wāhanga Atawhai Mercy Conference Centre
15 Guildford Terrace

The weekend is for everyone who calls Mosaic their faith community (so if you have been participating in Mosaic regularly for two months or more, then it’s you). We are asking you to make it a priority to be there. Please take this moment to block-out the weekend as it will shape our future together.

The Summit is based on an appreciative enquiry approach (find out more here) and the process will be facilitated by Sela. It is crucial that those who come are there for the whole process. As many of us now have little ones, child care options will be provided to ensure families can participate.

Capital Mosaic was birthed when a small group of people asked a big question “Is there a better way of being church”?

We believe that structures (paradigms) are established to help us live out our questions and achieve our objectives. Over time our questions change and new objectives emerge. We then realise that the existing structure must change.

Most people don’t change until it’s too late, but the best time to make a paradigm shift is the moment you become aware your questions and objectives have changed.

We believe that for Capital Mosaic it’s time for us to shift. And this is what the Summit is about.

The Summit will be different from our other year kick off sessions (its not a session to reveal the year plan). The Summit is about re-imagining completely what it means to be Mosaic.

How can you prepare
Listen to God
We ask that you set aside time over the next few weeks to pray and listen for God’s heart for our community.

Listen to yourself
We also ask that you set aside time to listen to your own heart. What are you dreaming for the Mosaic community?

Listen to each other (interviews)
We will circulate more information about this interview process soon. For the weekend, we want to consider the passions and hearts of everyone that is a part of Mosaic. The appreciative inquiry process requires interviewing everyone in the community. We will provide you with interview questions then ask you to set up a coffee date or skype session and walk through the questions with another. Be intentional and interview someone that you don’t normally get to connect with.

Looking forward to our journey together!

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