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Mosaic 2.0: “What do you dream about?”

One of the best things I ever did was enrol in a Living Wisdom course. Two weeks of lectures that have stuck with me every day since.

One of the pieces of wisdom that we were told on course, keeps ringing in my head these days.

“Be driven by a vision of fulfilment full of encouragement and inspiration, not a vision of fear.“

In some of the most challenging times I’ve faced at Mosaic this idea has served me well.

This wisdom reminds me to

  • dream more than I worry;
  • to long for what could be, more than I grieve for what is not;
  • to talk to others more about what I want something/ someone to be, than what I don’t want it to be, or even what it is.

This little breadcrumb is what I have for us this week.

It’s so powerful. Try it in your own life, with your children, with your relationships, with Mosaic.

I dare you to check your journal or reflect on your prayers, do you spend more time longing for what could be, or worrying about what is? I know I need a good dose of dreaming these days. It refuels my Spirit, and reminds me what God is up to.


  1. What do you picture Mosaic being like in 5 years? 10 years?
  2. What do you long for us to do or be like now?
  3. Who have you talked to recently about your Mosaic dreams?
  4. If you don’t have any hopes or dreams for Mosaic, are you committed to listening and praying for what God is dreaming for us every day for the next month?

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