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Mosaic 2.0: “Take A Risk”

Most of us all have a lot going on these days, and I think we can celebrate it. There are cool jobs, new babies, and start up projects all around our community– these can be signs of new life.

It’s easy to lose track of relationships or any connection with God in the busyness. How do I continue to live out of the kingdom way in the busyness of life? I’ve learned that one of the ways I encounter God, and if I’m honest with myself, the only way in which I function in a busy community with a busy life is by asking, “What’s the one next thing God is asking of me?”

One thing.

What’s He saying?

Am I willing to obey?

Many of my one things have been some of the scariest, yet most satisfying things I’ve done at Mosaic or in my life.

One of the reasons this idea works for me is that I’ve learned I must spend a lot of time listening to know what He’s saying.

Sometimes I’m so busy doing that I have no real idea of what He’s asking or how to focus myself on my one thing.

Sometimes I know what He’s asking, but I procrastinate lots before getting onto it.

Sometimes I’m truly clueless as to why God would make that my one next thing. And I wonder if I’ll look like a crazy loon.

And sometimes I’m totally clued into the why and I’m itching to get onto it.

What do my one things look like?

  • Sometimes it is simply encouraging someone.
  • Sometimes it involves starting a project or a group.
  • Sometimes it’s having a truthful conversation with someone.
  • Sometimes it’s inviting someone to join me at something.

I believe that if we’re each listening for our one thing, and obeying, God will put our community in the right spot to be doing His work.

So- what’s your one next thing?
Have you been listening for His still, small voice?
Are you hesitant to act? I encourage you– take a risk this week and act.

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