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Mosaic 2.0: “Success”

I loved school. You know why?

Because it was so easy to feel a huge sense of accomplishment every day. Clear rules and expectations meant I could tick every box and wa-la– my job was done. They gave you points for every little bit of work– heck I even knew how to get extra credit! Life felt tidy & accomplished mostly.

I can barely remember this past way of life.

  • What does a successful day as a parent look like?
  • As a Christian?
  • As a member of the Mosaic community?

The Mosaic journey has consistently challenged my ideas of success.

Progress! More! Bigger! Cooler!

I suppose these are society’s markers of success- and I bring them with me everyday to my idea of Church.

But I’m beginning to ask, “Does Church always feel like progress? Are we only successful if we’re growing bigger?”

I don’t know the answer to these questions. But I’m learning that faithful may matter more than results. I’m learning that success does not come from what I do. And I’m learning there is rarely a visible product from success these days.

Today Kohen went to preschool with no socks on, his pants backwards and carrying his hat in his hand. And you know what– I think that was a sliver of success today– because he got himself dressed. Somedays when he puts his undies on they’re really twisted and bunched and rolled. And I leave them like that.The old me may have felt it necessary to fix. But success surely does not look like I once thought it did.

People who have gone before me tell me that following God may feel like many small deaths. It may feel like big deaths at times. Maybe some days feel like you’re living on top of the word- but there will be seasons of darkness. They tell me that following God is about giving up control and realizing I never was the one in control.

So, I tell myself, if I’m not in control of success- I can simply be faithful to the many small ways I know to be true, good, right and beautiful. I can keep myself tuned to the One who defines success.

So- how about you… how do you define a successful Church? Have you felt these small deaths and loss of control in your Christian journey? How will we know if Mo 2.0 is a success?

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