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Mosaic 2.0: “Owning My Journey”

Most of my mothering highlights come when I see Kohen take steps of growth and maturity with his own free will.

When Kohen puts wrappers in the rubbish bin without me asking,
When Kohen gives cuddles to Meyer because he missed him,
When Kohen says thank you with no prompting from me whatsoever– my heart sings with joy!

Kohen is showing me that he knows good ways of being, and he can choose these ways. He is growing up. Mosaic has been my journey of growing up spiritually.

There is a phrase or an idea that I first heard at Mosaic that has stuck with me. It has shaped my faith hugely. It is key to my understanding of our community and spiritual well being.

“We each must own our own spiritual journey.”

What the heck does that mean? To me it means…

  • I don’t expect someone else to foster my spiritual growth
  • I don’t rely upon a pastor or 1 individual to believe for me or to give me a sense of safety.
  • I CAN hear from God, He speaks to me.
  • I can CHOOSE to look to others for input and guidance– but only I can take the faithful steps which God calls me to.

Why is this so important to me?

I think it’s the only way to remain healthy- for me and for others. When we try to own someone else’s journey it makes us sick and it makes them sick. God did not make us to control or own others. We can choose to inspire others, we can love and care for others, but we can’t own others.

It’s no one else’s job to be you. It’s no one else’s job to live your life. It’s no one else’s job to offer to the world what God has given you to offer.

I love how I’ve seen people at Mosaic step into this idea.

  • I celebrate when I see someone approach another who inspires them and ask for advice for a problem in which they are stuck.
  • I see people pick up jobs and projects not because someone told them to or even asked them to– but because they hear God calling them to.
  • I see people seek out a prayer group or a cell group– not because a sign-up sheet went around– but because they need it.

There is nothing wrong with sign-up sheets or others seeing a next step for us. I celebrate these things when we own our part in them and enable others to step in. It’s just that I believe our community will be most alive when we each own our own spiritual journey– when we take seriously God’s invitation to grow into maturity, to choose Him and one another.

Do you think that you are currently “owning your own spiritual journey?” Do you look to others to hear God on your behalf, or are you listening for God’s voice in your life? What would it look like for you to own your spiritual journey and to choose to allow others to journey with you?

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