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Mosaic 2.0: “Making It Meaningful”

Some weeks when I’m loading and unloading the car for a Mosaic gathering (with what feels like an inordinate amount of items needed for 2 children), I reflect on all the energy we use to nurture relationships (with God and one another).

Sometimes I pray for the time ahead and hope it feels meaningful.

And sometimes I just feel frazzled. Especially when one of my children decides to pee in his car seat on the way home even though I brought his potty and offered it to him 5 times before we left 🙂

People told me taking kids to gatherings is hard. It just is.

But even before kids, some gatherings felt really worth it. And others felt flat.

How do we ride the waves of up and down and not get worn down from the energy it takes?

For me, I remember how God often speaks to us through each other and how encouraged I have been from hearing a small word of encouragement that spoke to exactly where I was.

I think about our shared longing to be known and how powerful it is to just listen to each other to battle back the clouds of loneliness.

I remember how we don’t dive into relationships with each other, but wade out into the deeper waters. Building trust through dozens of small insignificant conversations.

I think about how we say, “You bring the meaning to this moment.” and I remember to lean into conversation or activity with the intention of seeing God in the person or in the moment.

This is why I keep gathering with you.

Some connecting moments will mean more than others- that’s just life. But those meaningful moments are built on the all those moments we think are meaningless. I’m learning that leaning into those flat, seemingly small moments and days are what it means to be in community, to be known, to know, to show up and give and to receive.

It all comes together.

So as we continue to gather – perhaps it’s time to ask again:
How do you bring the meaning to the moment?

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