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Mosaic 2.0: “Leaving My Life Open”

My childhood best friend tells me that I walked right up to her when we were 6 and asked if she wanted to be my friend – I don’t remember this occasion but it worked. She has been an amazing life-long friend. If only friendship remained this simple into adulthood.

I’m still in disbelief about the ways in which all of you befriended the 2 weird Americans coming amongst you fresh off the boat! I am humbled at the ways you have shown us care and friendship. Being a foreigner amongst kiwi hospitality has changed me.

This week I’m not writing about something I feel I’ve learned, but rather something I’ve experienced and I’m looking to learn – how do we make space for new friends?

Recently at Mosaic we discussed the need to remain open to people around and amongst us – to be open to them becoming our close friends.

I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering how this works? My life mostly feels full and crazy and small right now.

How do I keep my heart, home, table, time and life open to new relationships?

I feel the pull to make my life more and more closed and small as an adult. To play it safe with those I already know. That’s hard enough right now. What would it look like to build deep, meaningful relationships as an adult?

I’m not talking about acquaintances. Our society does acquaintances well, but I think our Christian journey calls us to a much richer experience of relationships – with those amongst us now, and those to come.

So – I leave you with questions to explore with me:
Have you experienced the gift of friendship, graciously and generously given?
Is your life open for new relationships?
How can you make room in your life for meaningful relationships?

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