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Mosaic 2.0: “Junk”

I am frequently astounded by the amount of dirty ‘stuff’ our family produces. Daily I must empty the rubbish bin, wash dirty nappies, empty the recycling bin, dump the compost- and this isn’t even the full list.

Living up a set of stairs has helped accentuate this whole process for me– I am frequently carrying containers of dirty ‘stuff’ up and down the stairs. So I’ve got time on my hands to think about this.

Recently, while emptying yet another bin, I remarked to Andy, “How do we have this much junk in our lives!? I guess it’s just like my spiritual life– always junk to clear out.” He laughed, but this picture has stuck with me.

My Mosaic journey of sharing life with others has helped me to see that I have a lot of junk in me, too. And I seem to make more and more junk every day. It builds up and if I don’t deal with it, overtime I get overwhelmed.

My ‘junk’ often comes in the form of unprocessed emotions, untruthful thoughts, and selfish,small-minded ambition rather than God-inspired energy and seeing the world through His lense.

So, I’ve had to get really serious about practicing spiritual disciplines in my personal life on a daily basis.

Some weeks I suck at this. I’m too busy to read my Bible, journal, pray, meditate, or even sit in silence.

These are the weeks that all the junk in my life piles up, and come Sunday, I’m too overwhelmed to interact well, think clearly or to find meaning in the Holy moments we set aside. So I sit there dully and stare into the air even though I’m certain I’m missing profound moments and interactions.

I’m learning that to share healthy, meaningful Holy moments together with others, I must foster healthy, meaningful Holy moments in solitude as well.

If I come together with others expecting to connect with God, yet I haven’t fostered any sort of relationship with Him during the week I always leave reminded of how much I need God, but I’m often still heavy with all my unprocessed thoughts and emotions.

This week I’m focusing once again on beginning my mornings with prayer and Scripture, and ending my evenings with silence and meditation. I need these practices everyday. Because everyday my life produces a lot of junk.

Have you experienced the build-up of junk in your life? What does that look and feel like for you?
What spiritual disciplines have you practiced that help you encounter God daily to help you see past this?


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