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Mosaic 2.0: “Coming to the Mosaic table”

When Justin and I first started coming to Mosaic, we offered to take our friend Nate home after most Mosaic gatherings. He lived out of our way, but we were so grateful to have a car after months of not having one, that we felt his pain. In retrospect, taking him home may have been more beneficial to us than him.

We spent most of these drives to his house picking his brain about Mosaic and trying to make sense of what we’d just experienced. Some weeks we were so excited and hopeful. Some weeks we were confused and upset.

But more than anything, these conversations gave us a chance to process, to talk and to ask questions.

My Mosaic journey has taught me that we need to talk. To communicate. To share our stories. To share our confusion, pain, misunderstandings, and most of all- our hopes and dreams as we go forward. And we need to do these things way more than I ever thought. I’ve learned that mostly face to face and over the phone helps, so I’m hoping these written stories spark that type of talking!

I know I’m an extrovert who likes to process externally. So talking is often medicine for me. But I’ve also learned that I need to talk to God as much as I talk to people. I need to talk to people who don’t like to talk as much as I do. I need to listen to people who have opposing views from me.

But mostly, we need to communicate. Besides God and His Story and His plan, when we come to the table and talk, it’s what keeps us in a healthy, real, vibrant messy community, instead of a mess. And I think it’s a gift to the world when we keep talking. Who can you talk to this week about Mosaic?

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