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Mosaic 2.0: “Becoming More”

One of my all time favourite things to do during an Ohio summer is to go swimming. Growing up we always had a pool, probably because we lived 20 miles from civilization.

As extroverted as I am, my favourite part of swimming was always when everyone else had tired of the pool and I could swim all by myself. By this time, the water would feel like bath water. I’d dive and bob to my heart’s content, burying myself in the deepest part of the pool– feeling both a bit scared to be by myself, yet completely safe. Time would feel like it was standing still and a complete ease would come over me.

Not all swims ended like this.

And most of the time, I hated the beginning of a swim.

The water in Ohio in June is frigid. All my siblings would be around splashing and taunting me as I’d tiptoe down the stairs.

But to get to the sweetness of the warm water and the ease of enjoyment—I always had to go through the frigid, step by step process of getting in the pool.

This is the best analogy I can give for stepping into a faith community and investing your gifts.

Every time we step out to give it may feel scary and cold – no matter what anyone does to tell you how wonderful it is. But if you dive in and keep at it you, you will experience a moment where your heart finds a new beat; you will find life.

For me, I find life when
I hear that someone else feels safe because I offered my empathy.
I see God in a new way through sharing my stories.
I hear someone else’s truth – shared because we encourage vulnerability.
I realize I’ve grown and no longer need others to approve of me to feel okay.

It doesn’t mean that getting into the pool the next time is easy, or that investing my gifts everyday feels safe.

But I believe that when we invest who we are, that’s when we find life. It’s when we give of ourselves, our time, our energy, our gifts that we become more and more aware of God’s presence.

I know that it’s scary to invest when you’re not sure it will be worth it and you think it may hurt. From my experience, I know it will hurt. But I believe it is worth it—to live life diving in the deep end after God and finding a joy and life that only exists there.

Do you feel fearful about investing your gifts in Mosaic? Why? Have you experienced new life before because of ways you’ve invested in others? Tell me about it

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