Mosaic 2.0: “It’s a Mess!”

A few weeks ago I called Phil, as my friend, in tears and said “Mosaic feels like a mess to me.” Phil’s response has stuck with me and I’ve shared it with quite a few people recently. He said, “Lacey a mess is when people have left the table and...

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Mosaic Easter 2015

More than a moment, Easter is a journey we share each year as we remember and honour the most remarkable moment in the Christian story – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mosaic’s community Easter journey is outlined on our calendar here. All are welcome to participate.

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Mosaic Summit

Re-imagining Mosaic A rethink of what it means to be a faith community on mission What are you dreaming for in a faith community? The Mosaic community is setting aside a weekend to re-imagine what it means to be us; we’re calling this weekend the Capital Mosaic Summit.

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Part 5: A Just Words Response – By Justin Blass

Can simple action change your heart? Our Just Words series ended with a punch to gut brought to you by Darryl Gardiner. Daryl shared some powerful thoughts on how to step outside of our self contained world into the moments of justice.

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Part 4: A Just Words Response – By Justin Blass

How can a self-centred person learn to care for others? When I started out I don’t think I realised the importance of this question. But over the last few weeks, I am growing more convinced that many sense their lives pulling in a “self-contained” direction and want change.

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