Mosaic 2.0: “The Chat”

I used to watch Full House everyday after school. I can remember having a conversation with my brother about what life would be like after Full House– I couldn’t imagine it. I wanted to be in that family. I didn’t care what character I was– Kimmy Gibbler if I had...

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Mosaic 2.0: “Deep-Spirited Friends”

There are some lines we’ll never forget. This is one of mine… A peer once asked our counselor / teacher if he works with non-Christians. His reply; “Yes, and I’ll work with the non-Christian in you, too.”

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Mosaic 2.0: “Success”

I loved school. You know why? Because it was so easy to feel a huge sense of accomplishment every day. Clear rules and expectations meant I could tick every box and wa-la– my job was done. They gave you points for every little bit of work– heck I even knew...

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