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DUST series – exploring the practices of Jesus

Sunday Gathering April 10th 4:30PM at Zeal, starts with a potluck meal This week Phil will tell his story.     DUST series… Jesus started his ministry in the dust of the desert and the followers of Jesus were covered in his dust as he modelled a life breathing in love and breathing...

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Mosaic Praxis, first session 9 April 1:30-3:30PM at Zeal

Praxis noun – Practice, as distinguished from theory. We are each sustained by our everyday relationship with our Creator. Mosaic Praxis is a monthly conversation about how we pursue and experience intimacy with God. We want to share our own insights, learn from each other, and hear from the wisdom...

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Mosaic 2.0: “The Chat”

I used to watch Full House everyday after school. I can remember having a conversation with my brother about what life would be like after Full House– I couldn’t imagine it. I wanted to be in that family. I didn’t care what character I was– Kimmy Gibbler if I had...

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