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DUST series – exploring the practices of Jesus

Sunday Gathering April 10th 4:30PM at Zeal, starts with a potluck meal

This week Phil will tell his story.     DUST series… Jesus started his ministry in the dust of the desert and the followers of Jesus were covered in his dust as he modelled a life breathing in love and breathing out love to those around him. During this season we want to follow him by experimenting with the practices that have been handed down to us that place us before God, that we may know God—that we may know love—that we may love.

We believe–that the human heart above all else craves intimacy; that our ultimate ache is for intimacy with God; that the human heart not only desires to be loved but to love; that Jesus lived the life of the loved and the lover; that Jesus and others who followed him made space in their lives to place their hearts before the transforming love of God.

It is our hope through the inspiring stories from Jesus life and experimental practices we will deepen our intimacy with God by making space to open ourselves to the love of God.
Join us on the journey.

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