our community is underpinned by four interconnected cornerstones

  • Become like Jesus  Formation
  • Share the story  Proclamation
  • Love those around us  Restoration
  • Journey deeply together  Connection

These ideas form the basis of who we are, what we do, and what we focus on. It also describes the way of life Mosaic core members commit to.

Become like Jesus – Formation   Our intention (vision) is to be a community of love and admiration of Jesus. To centre our lives around Christ and be transformed towards his radical ways.

Share the story – Proclamation   Our intention is to stay true to Jesus and the “good news” that we have received. To speak into the deep ache of our time with the good news of Jesus and pass on his radical ways.

Love those around us – Restoration   Our intention is to love God and love people. We do not want to ignore the injustice and oppression around us but move as Jesus did to engage the hurting. Serve and make known the “Kingdom of God” to the suffering in Wellington and beyond.

Journey deeply together – Connection   The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone. We need each other. Our intention is to develop authentic, intentional and loving relationships with one another as we journey towards wholeness or shalom: right living in relations to God, ourselves, each other and our world. To invest ourselves in the Mosaic community through engagement and perseverance with the direction and activities of Mosaic.