God is on Mission

We believe God is on a mission of wholeness, and calls us to join him in bringing wholeness on earth. The ancients referred to this wholeness as Shalom, an all encompassing peace. God desires wholeness to flow through our relationships with God, each other, and all creation.

We believe that wholeness grows from the acceptance of the love of God. God became human to bring this love into the flesh. Jesus is the embodiment of this love. He provides our basis for understanding reality.

the way is love

We believe Jesus calls us to become conduits of this love with his central commandment to love God and love people. Jesus has welded the love of each other to the love of God therefore we cannot say we love God and not love our brothers and sisters.

We know we are broken and that we are incapable of truly loving God and others on our own. Therefore, we make our primary posture one of students learning the way of love with the Holy Spirit’s enabling

we follow Jesus, alone and together

We believe that those of us who have made a personal commitment to follow Jesus must take responsibility for this; we cannot give the responsibility away to someone else or to the community.

In the same breath, we believe that we cannot follow Jesus on our own; we need to join others. Our pursuit of Jesus leads us into community. Only Jesus can sustain the weight of community, for the pursuit of community for the sake of itself always collapses under its own weight. We share our lives so that we may glorify God.

transformation is a lifelong and active journey

We believe that the journey of following Jesus requires letting go of the way of self, of the ego, so that the way of Jesus might live in us. This is the ongoing process of transformation through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

We believe that becoming more like Christ happens as we commit to practising our faith; we need to act our way into a new way thinking (not think our way into a new way of acting). Thus, transformation happens when we lean into spiritual disciplines and communal practices: regularly make space in our lives to immerse ourselves in the story of God, to pray, and to gather together to joyfully proclaim the goodness of Jesus.

we are called to commit

We believe it essential to make promises together, to make commitments, so that through the process we might learn the art of giving ourselves away. We see commitment as a core spiritual discipline. We commit to one another not out of preference but out of calling; we sense Jesus calling us to share our lives with these people.

Our commitment is first to people, not structures, programmes or practices. This means we commit to each other first, and then together we shape the look and feel of the community, working to nurture and support whatever the collective decides to shape together.

we are welcomed as we welcome

We believe God first welcomed us and so we welcome others. We experience the welcome of God as we welcome others. This is what inspires us to join God’s work to care for the outsider, to give them a place at the table and to speak a language they can understand.  

We believe God has given us much to be thankful for and joyful about. Through laughing together, celebrating well and lives overflowing with joy, we believe others will be inspired to know Jesus more. From a heart of thankfulness, we believe that every gift we have been given – our faith, time, money, insights, and talents – is meant to be shared.

we face reality together

We believe authenticity is the key to real relationships, keeping a posture of openness and honesty between ourselves and God. We believe vulnerability at its best is the safest place on earth. To share life deeply, allowing each of us to be ourselves and hold differing perspectives and theology, yet being willing to speak and hear the truth from one another. We believe much can be learnt from staying open to the voice from the margins that speaks out or asks questions that upset the status quo.