Beatitudes Evening Gathering

Sunday 4 March 7.30PM at 96 Washington Ave, Brooklyn

A look at the Beatitudes is nothing short of challenging. Not that the challenge is unwelcome and right on point for the lent invitation to evaluate our lives and realign our focus toward Christ.  Join us at St Matts, this week Peter brings us The Way of Justice. All welcome.

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Sunday 4 Feb 7.30PM at 96 Washington Ave, Brooklyn

Join us as we start our new series Ninebeats a journey through the Beatitudes as we consider how we can live in wholeness with God, one another and our world. Jeremy intros the series and brings us Beat 1 – The Way of Trust. As always everyone is welcome!  

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Advent Project HoursExtendedHours

Advent Experience extended hours 17-21 Dec

If you didn’t get a chance last week, we are extending the Advent experience! We will now be open Mon, Wed & Thurs 17-21/12 from 7-9PM. Spread the word! Tell anyone who could use a deep breath.

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