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Sunday 12 :: Evening Gathering

We start our new series this week and after a sneak peak at what’s to come, I’m so looking forward to it getting started.  Chris Marshall opens us with Jesus and the Spirit. I wonder how did Jesus need the Holy Spirit in his life?  and what role did Jesus see for the Holy Spirit...

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Sunday 15 // Evening Gathering

Our parables series wraps up this week with another rather perplexing story. It’s along the lines of … you’re looking after your boss’ money like $30,000, what would you do with it? . . Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  Phil Crawford unpacks the story from Luke 19:11-27.  All welcome!

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Sunday 1 // Evening Gathering

Our current series Wrestling With Wonder has caused us to rethink the parables of Jesus. This week Jeremy Mak brings us the parable about a fishing net, good fish, bad fish – a sorting out. What makes a good fish? What happens to the bad fish? Everyone welcome!

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96 Washington Ave, Brooklyn

Join us this week to re-imagine what our lives in Jesus look like. Phil Crawford brings us this week’s parable of Jesus – the woman who was persistent for revenge. Does prayer really work? Everyone welcome!

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Evening Gathering 96 Washington Ave, Brooklyn

Our journey into the parables of Jesus is giving us a lot to wonder about.  This week Chris Marshall brings us the next in our Wrestling with Wonder series- the parable of the crooked manager. Does Jesus really condone being a crook?  Luke 16:1-18 Everyone welcome!

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