our mission 

To creatively express the hospitality of Jesus with people seeking connection
to build shalom together

We are a group of people brought together by the common cause of making an impact on Wellington and the world by living life conscious of others. Mosaic is a church that follows in the way of Jesus, to inspire others in the way of whole-life faith.

We aim to provide a space for people to join us in bringing hope to the lives of others. If you are looking for a community to become a part of, we would love to have you come check out one of our gatherings.

We value creativity, innovation, character and entrepreneurship

Led by a team of people chasing a genuine expression of following Jesus, Mosaic is continually moving towards creating opportunities that help others connect to God. Our dream is for everyone to reach the potential God has given them – anyone is welcome to join us. It’s not about being the most talented person out there or by being religious, it’s about discovering your worth in God and living the best life you can. The “how” comes from exploring the Scriptures and discovering truth through the life and teachings of Jesus. By sharing this undertaking as a community, we learn how to translate our Faith into our circumstances here in New Zealand.

 We are people doing our best to create a Christ-centred community
that meets people wherever they are on their faith journey.