around the table


Event details

  • Sunday | December 25, 2016 to Tuesday | January 31, 2017
  • All Day
Practicing Hospitality

Over the summer Mosaic community is encouraged to take part in Around The Table – practicing hospitality; the Jesus way of welcome – which is about sharing a meal weekly with people you wouldn’t normally eat with (as a host or a guest).

The holiday and festive season lends itself to wonderful opportunities to practice Around The Table wherever we may be. Many of us will be travelling, at the beach, tenting, picnicking, or just hanging out at home. We will be presented with new and unexpected experiences to grow in the practice of welcome and hospitality to each other, and most especially to the person who is a ‘stranger’ to us.

Around The Table in a nutshell
practice includes
  • sharing your home, food resources and all that you call your own so that another might experience the reality of God’s welcoming heart
  • reaching out to and receiving the stranger or the enemy with the hope that they might be transformed into a friend
  • loving, not entertaining, the guest
  • welcoming others into your clique, life
  • spontaneously inviting people for meals
  • reaching out beyond your nuclear family to include others
God-given fruit
  • keeping company with Jesus; offering his welcoming heart to others
  • displaying God’s welcoming heart to the world
  • living the truth that all you have belongs to God
  • providing safe places for people in an unsafe world
  • loving people rather that impressing them
  • developing conversational skills that put others at ease
  • opening your home to others
  • expressing your love for God through celebrating and honouring others

(A A Calhoun spiritual disciplines; practices that transform us)