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Advent Experience extended hours 17-21 Dec

If you didn’t get a chance last week, we are extending the Advent experience! We will now be open Mon, Wed & Thurs 17-21/12 from 7-9PM. Spread the word! Tell anyone who could use a deep breath.

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Sunday 5 Nov 7.30PM, 20 Jefferson St, Brooklyn

We continue our mini series and this week Billy brings us Peace Us Together – Anxiety. We’ve been getting great feedback from the series thus far, and the recent Change Workshop. The topics covered are relevant to all of us and may be life giving to someone in your life, so invite them...

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Sunday 8th 7.30PM at 20 Jefferson St, Brooklyn

It’s been epic. Our Radical Roots series has given us some great moments of questions, challenge and discovery as we’ve dug into the roots of faithful discipleship. From… asking how do we follow Jesus in everyday life; exploring the peace church (Anabaptist) tradition to understand what it might say to...

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